QL Care Analyzer

The QLCA represents a shift in the design POC analyzers. The QLCA is small, portable, stand-alone and completely automated POC immunoanalyzer. The QLCA has successfully miniaturized lab test technology, and combined it with a simplified mechanical design and proprietary triggering mechanism. The QL Care Analyzer was built on a core technology developed specifically for this purpose.

The QLCA uses a pre-loaded disposable test cartridge. A non-metered whole blood sample is added to the cartridge to obtain a test result, printed and archived, in 15 minutes, a true walk-away testing The QLCA employs chemical light generation or chemiluminescence (CL), the same technology used in medical labs. The QLCA uses a patented automated electronic process to trigger CL, which enhances light collection, speeds up marker binding and increases sensitivity. With 6 easy steps, quantitative testing results are generated within 15 minutes.

Operation Steps

Step 1 User Interface

Step 2 Test Preparation

Step 3 Test Initiation

Step 4 Automatic Calibration

Step 5 Present Results

Step 6 Complete Test

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