Paramagnetic Beads

Paramagnetic particles are the most widely used solid-surface in medical laboratories immunoassay testing equipments, due to ease of manipulation and large surface area. In such tests which involve the measurement of light generated on the surface area of paramagnetic beads, color of the beads plays a significant role in determining testing sensitivity.

Our Beads represent a significant product advance. Most paramagnetic beads are made of iron oxide, and are traditionally black or brown. We have developed a proprietary process that coats the beads with a layer of silver, making them white, and more sensitive to light. We have tested our Beads against all commercially available beads and presented the results in an international conference. Our silver plated beads are five times more sensitive than traditional black or brown magnetic particles to generated light.

For more information go to LuXSpheres Inc. (subsiduary of CardioGenics Inc.)

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